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Located in downtown Halifax, Port to Port Immigration Services works across several sectors in the Atlantic region. Director, Marilyn Clark is a regulated immigration consultant and a designated recruiter of foreign workers.

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Port to Port’s multicultural team brings expertise in human resources, management, law, and education. Passionate and hardworking, the Port to Port immigration team will go above and beyond to help their employers and workers succeed. The staff is always available for any support you may need.


Port to Port Immigration Services is an excellent company for all your foreign worker needs. Marilyn & her team's professional attitude and great communication make hiring temporary foreign workers a breeze. Highly recommended, I look forward to working with them into the future.     




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In most cases, obtaining a work permit for Canada isn’t easy because employers must first prove that there are no qualified Canadians that are willing, ready, and able to work the proposed position.


AIPP was created with the intention to attract skilled workers to Atlantic Canada. The program is employer-driven and its objective is to match job seekers with employment opportunities throughout the four Atlantic Provinces.


Generally, immigration is the responsibility of the federal government. As an exception to that rule, provinces and local employers the ability to attract candidates wanting to settle in a particular region.


Port To Port Immigration service has an international team with the ability to recruit globally. Our international partners generate excellent candidates in every industry.


International graduates offer a promising pool of skilled workers for Canadian employers. Most students graduating from public Colleges or universities have access to post-graduate work permits.


As part of express entry, federal skilled trades is an excellent program for employers across Canada. To be eligible, candidates need two years of work experience in a particular trade.


Accredited Canadian Immigration Consultants

Specializing in Atlantic Canada, we are here to help individuals, families, and employers navigate the immigration system.

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